Wellness on Wheels


The Wellness on Wheels, or WoW, grant is an Illinois Department of Public Health grant whose purpose is to promote wellness in our region.  Southern Illinois Healthcare is the grantee and fulfillment falls under the Region V Regional Hospital Coordinating Center.

“The aim of this funding is to reduce health disparities and health inequities in preventative health screenings in medically underserved communities and disadvantaged and vulnerable communities of color in Illinois.” 

“Health equity exists when all people have the opportunity to thrive and no one is limited in achieving comprehensive health and wellness because of their social position or any other social factors/determinants of health such as income, education, race/ethnicity, sexual identity, and disability.”


WOW Inside

The WoW grant is structured to provide basic health care closer to the people who need it through mobility.  A vehicle known as the WoW Van travels regularly to different locations within our 23 county service area and partners with health organizations and health departments to achieve the grant objectives.  The WoW grant covers the cost of the vehicle, fuel, vehicle insurance, maintenance and driver, or in other words, these things are free to our health partners.  We can also provide Narcan training and distribution and COVID home test kits for free.  The WoW Van is an RV with a small waiting area, a work area for paperwork or individual Narcan (or other) training, there’s an exam room and a restroom.  There’s a sink in the exam room for hand washing.  There’s also a wheelchair lift.  The exam room can have an exam table or a phlebotomy chair depending on the needs.  See the pictures on this page.

Our service area include the following counties:  Alexander, Clay, Edwards, Franklin, Gallatin, Hamilton, Hardin, Jackson, Jefferson, Johnson, Marion, Massac, Perry, Pope, Pulaski, Richland, Saline, Union, Washington, Wabash, Wayne, White, and Williamson.

Some health departments and organizations that we have recently worked with have provided the following:  blood pressure checks, COVID vaccinations, (will do flu vaccinations when appropriate) medication disposal packets, STI screenings, pregnancy test, cholesterol checks, TB test, TD/TadP vaccinations, fluoride varnish, well water tests and school physicals.  This is not an exhaustive list of how the WoW Van can be utilized.  We are looking for partners and new and innovative ways to make the best possible use of the WoW Van/the WoW grant.  The WoW grant provides the items listed above and your health organization would provide the expertise (PA, Nurse, etc.), vaccinations, equipment, supplies, etc. and conduct the billing activities.

Do you have a need or know of a way to put the WoW Van to use?  If so, please contact us at wowvan@sih.net.

Michael Shelton (618) 457-5200 ext.68641